Alteryx, based in Boulder, Colorado, was founded in 1997 on the vision of building the most advanced Business Intelligence technology for small-to-large corporations. The aim of the Alteryx BI solution is to offer data analysis to provide the most current, accurate and actionable information to decision makers at all levels.

Alteryx offers technology and applications for data storage, quality, management systems, reporting, and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data. The Alteryx solutions can integrate into complex IT environments, and the platform is used by corporations in a wide range of industries, including automotive, commercial real estate, consumer goods, and telecommunications. Alteryx has delivered solutions around the world.

The visual Alteryx GUI development environment, combined with a powerful computational engine, makes defining and building business process workflows a simple matter of drag-and-drop. Users get rapid access to the visual business intelligence they need and answers to their most pressing analysis and planning questions.

Recently Alteryx extended their main system platform from a traditional client-server setup to a generic and scalable cloud platform based on cutting edge Microsoft web services technology.

Vice President Evan Campbell is the head of Alteryx’s Product Development & Professional Services. He oversees software development, cloud services, and professional services. Mr. Campbell has a background in software development and services, including Lean and Agile IT. He leads the Product Development & Professional Services department in establishing fully-integrated Agile processes across the Alteryx products and services teams.

Evan Campbell says: “Lars and Zealake have been working with Product Development at Alteryx for several months, on a whole range of coaching and implementation opportunities. They have been instrumental in improving our build, continuous delivery, and test automation practices and infrastructure, and have provided invaluable guidance to the teams on technical practices and patterns.”

One of the initiatives was to set up a Continuous Integration and Deployment infrastructure using the popular Jenkins CI eco-system. This substantially increased automated test coverage and reduced test feedback time from 24 hours to 20 minutes.

“Zealake’s assistance has been very valuable to us, and they’ve been a great pleasure to work with,” Evan Campbell concludes.

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