If you are like most test driven developers, you write automated tests for your software to get fast feedback about potential problems. Most of the tests you write will verify the functional behaviour of the software: When we call this function or press this button, the expected result is that value or that message. But… Read More

Have you ever faced the problem of writing unit tests which relies on textual test data? This is a classic issue where you usually end up putting the test data in a string variable or in an external file, depending on the amount of text. Neither of these options are particularly elegant. In this article… Read More

This week I gave a presentation for a client, starting on Test and Behavior Driven Development. In this introduction we give a high level description of what it is and why it is useful for developers. Then we go into some details on stubs and mocks, test data, UI testing, SQL testing, JavaScript testing, web… Read More

One of the more popular ways of implementing web services is using REST and JSON, because it makes it easy to communicate with the web service from client side (or even server-side) JavaScript. In .NET we can use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to fairly easily implement JSON web services. We might consider using JavaScript to… Read More

I believe that it is often a good idea to have another set of eyes looking at the code I write. The questions and comments resulting from such a code review indicate its value: “It seems like you are missing a test case for this scenario, and I think the code will break on it”… Read More

When software developers write automated tests for their software, the quality increases, the design improves and the project becomes more manageable. The development also becomes more fun! In this presentation (slides below) you will learn how to write automated tests for embedded software. You will see a live demonstration of writing an automated test for… Read More

I gave another presentation at the Test Driven Developers meetup group on Unit Testing in JavaScript using MVC and QUnit (slides below). Sample source code can be downloaded here. Looking forward to our next event on June 23rd, a TDD Coding Dojo hosted by Olve Maudal. Unit Testing in JavaScript with MVC and QUnit View… Read More

Yesterday I gave the first presentation for the Test Driven Developers meetup group with an Introduction to Automated Testing (slides below). There were 16 enthusiastic participants and we had a very interactive and profitable night. Looking forward to our next event on June 14th on Unit tests for your JavaScript application with MVC and QUnit.… Read More

We used to have several automated performance tests on one of our larger development projects. But we got a lot of false negatives: the tests were failing only occasionally meaning the problem was in the environment, not in the software itself. While we try to ensure that the server is undisturbed during a performance test… Read More