Automated end-to-end tests are often seen as a necessary evil. A common example is Selenium-based browser tests. This kind of testing has many drawbacks: They take a long time to run They require complicated setup They are fragile But it doesn’t have to be like that! In this talk I describe how we can write… Read More

How do you sell an agile project? Most clients expect to buy software by time-and-material or by fixed-price-fixed scope contracts based on detailed requirements. These models cannot create a fertile environment for collaboration between client and vendor. We have touched upon this subject before, and today I am presenting on the topic for Bay Area… Read More

What is the right price for an agile project? A traditional fixed price contract needs to be based on a detailed requirement specification. And that doesn’t make sense for an agile project, where the ongoing establishment of requirements during the project is an important benefit. Most commercial agile projects, therefor, is based on a time… Read More